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Three TPN/OPMs surrendered

July 10, 2009

Three members of TPN/OPMs who involved in the attack and the occupation of the Kapeso airfield, Memberamo Raya, on April 15 2009 as well as ambushed police convoy on July 2 2009 in Angkaisera under the command of Decky Embiri have surrendered to Mapolres (Head of Police Regency Level) Yapen in Serui, on Tuesday at dawn on 7 July 2009. They are Yeret Runaweri (59) from Wansama (the chef of OPM), Yusuf Aninam (26) Kanui (sagu) and one person has not yet known his complete name. Acting Chief of Public Relation of Papua Regional Police, AKBP Nurhabri stated that they are welcomed and received positively.

The United Stated of America Claims Papua as an ‘integral part’ of the Unitary State of Indonesia (NKRI)

May 8, 2008

Jayapura. Three US officials  of American Embassy in Indonesia:  Staff for Political Section Mr.Matthew Cenzer, Assistant for Army Attaché  Letkol Marc Harrelson and  Attache  Marinir Letcol Ron Domingue paid a visit to Makodam, Papua on 7 March 2008.  Their visit were welcome by Asisten Intel ( Asintel) Kasdam XVII/Cenderawasih Colonel Inf. FX.Bangun P who was acting for Pangdam.



The goal of their visit  is to appreciate the political and security situation and condition in Papua as well as want to get  comprehensive pictures from TNI side  relating with the efforts towards groups which have not yet had the same views with NKRI. In that occasion, Kapendam Lt Col Inf. Santoso who accompanying Asintel Kasdam stated “,TNI have never deemed tham as enemies, but our brother Indonsia nation who still have different views. TNI has a duty to give understanding to them so that they will realize Indonesia efforts”.


Concerning US commitment towards the NKRI sovereignty, Mr.Matthew Cenzer said clearly that the United States Government supports the Papuan integrity to the territory of NKRI. “I am very happy and proud of approaches carried out by the regional government and TNI, because many OPM members settled in PNG could return to Indonesia (Papua) without having pressures from any side after seeing the progress of Papua development,” he stated. Mr Mattew Cenzer claimed, the mass media and non-governmental organizations’ report  on Papua condition is to the contrary with reality. Evidently,  I see security condition in Papua is very good and conducive. (Ar10)