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We will stop fighting, promise

January 12, 2010

Keeping away from strife is an honor for a man, But any fool will quarrel. Proverbs 20:3

Solomon asked, “Do you see yourself as an honorable man or a fool?” If you avoid strife and fighting then you are an honorable man. But if you like to quarrel about anything and everything then you are a fool. Do you remember that our kids at SD Inpres state elementary school in Kwamki Lama in Mimika, Papua have not been school.

While they had got problem, we were proud to fight with our family. As a father I am ashamed with my kid’s complaint “father, please stop your involvement in the conflict, we want to school now.” My kid reminds me Solomon message during our prayer at Church that the honorable thing for a man to do is avoid strife and quarreling, not engage in it. Thank Mimika Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Moh. Sagi for your effort to mediate in the dispute.

Papuan Students Enjoy Public Service

April 2, 2008

Central Electronic Data Board (BPDE) of Papua Province provides free internet facilities (Warnet) funded from Otsus. This matter is meant to socialize the development of technology to community in order to help them, especially students in accessing various information. The head of BPDE Thobias Solossa,SH, MM said “BPDE paid around Rp 60 million monthly”. The method is very simple, just come to the BPDE Office and fill up the form and after that will be given password to access the internet. “These free internet facilities is to help the community in accessing requirement information for making good business and other various information,”Thobias said.”

One of Papuan visitors, Mateus K (30) who live at Jayapura is quite sad because many of his colleagues do not yet make use of this facilities. “This information is very important, because if today we go through without knowing the development we could not imagine what will happen then. What me us happy is the internet has made students from Papua and non Papua go together and utilize that free facilities. They are Junior School of SMPN 1 Jayapura, Heskia Kaiba (13) and Targus Patai (13) who are Papua origin and Papuan-born and their close friend non Papua Yudistira Dandan (13). Hoping their harmonious relationship could bring prosperity for all Papuans.