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Happy 5th Birthday WordPress

May 29, 2008

I am happy to get an invitation to come to the 5th anniversary for the inauguration of WordPress blogging (WordPress Party) in San Francisco or the Bay Area on Tuesday, May 27 2008. Even we could not come we are always wishing Word Press to be a powerful press.

Best regards,

Papua, Indonesia

Pesan Kebangkitan Deddy Miswar juga untuk Pemuda-pemudi Papua

May 28, 2008

Bangkit itu takut
takut untuk korupsi dan mengambil
apa yang bukan haknya
Bangkit itu mencuri
mencuri perhatian dunia
dengan prestasi kita

Bangkit itu malu
malu menjadi benalu
malu minta meluluBangkit itu tidak ada
tidak ada kata menyerah

Bangkit itu aku
untuk indonesiaku



* Deddy Mizwar on a television

Visit Indonesia Year 2008, Celebrating 100 Years of National’s Awakening

May 18, 2008

Papua and West Papua province may have the richest wildlife and concentration of plant life in all of Indonesia, or perhaps the world. No other islands in the archipelago can match its various kind of Birds of Paradise, Parrot families, pigeons and Flightless Cassowary.
We are also home of 150 species of lizards, 30,000 species of beetles, 200 frogs and 800 spiders. A high percentage of the island’s 100 snake species are poisonous, including all 17 species of sea snakes.

We altogether have some 2,700 species of orchids found in Papua Province, 600 species that are medicinal importance and over 124 endemic genera. The lush vegetation of the province is in fact a deceptive cover over poor soils badly leached by heavy rain and containing no rich volcanic materials. Mangroves and Nipah Palms ensnare the brackish estuaries of the coast.
Everything is cheap in Jayapura. A taxi costs between Rp 20,000 to Rp 30,000 (K6-K9) per hour to hire. A local bus fare is only RP600 (K0.20t). A cheap hotel room is Rp 80,000 (K25) per night and a room in the best luxury hotel is only Rp 320,000 (K100). Shopping for manufactured goods and handicrafts is very cheap. Market vegetables and fruits are fresh and cheap. Food from roadside stalls is clean and cheap.

Therefore, don’t forget to visit Papua.

The United Stated of America Claims Papua as an ‘integral part’ of the Unitary State of Indonesia (NKRI)

May 8, 2008

Jayapura. Three US officials  of American Embassy in Indonesia:  Staff for Political Section Mr.Matthew Cenzer, Assistant for Army Attaché  Letkol Marc Harrelson and  Attache  Marinir Letcol Ron Domingue paid a visit to Makodam, Papua on 7 March 2008.  Their visit were welcome by Asisten Intel ( Asintel) Kasdam XVII/Cenderawasih Colonel Inf. FX.Bangun P who was acting for Pangdam.



The goal of their visit  is to appreciate the political and security situation and condition in Papua as well as want to get  comprehensive pictures from TNI side  relating with the efforts towards groups which have not yet had the same views with NKRI. In that occasion, Kapendam Lt Col Inf. Santoso who accompanying Asintel Kasdam stated “,TNI have never deemed tham as enemies, but our brother Indonsia nation who still have different views. TNI has a duty to give understanding to them so that they will realize Indonesia efforts”.


Concerning US commitment towards the NKRI sovereignty, Mr.Matthew Cenzer said clearly that the United States Government supports the Papuan integrity to the territory of NKRI. “I am very happy and proud of approaches carried out by the regional government and TNI, because many OPM members settled in PNG could return to Indonesia (Papua) without having pressures from any side after seeing the progress of Papua development,” he stated. Mr Mattew Cenzer claimed, the mass media and non-governmental organizations’ report  on Papua condition is to the contrary with reality. Evidently,  I see security condition in Papua is very good and conducive. (Ar10)


Indonesia is proud of Papuan Sons and Daughters

May 7, 2008

Jayapura. We noted that a lot of Papuans have got achievements in national level. Freddy Numberi, for instance,  took military’s top job had promoted to be Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. Papuan-born George Saa won International Olympic in Science and  Nobo enjoyed the best four of Indonesian Idol and Persipura Jayapura won the Indonesian Football League in 2007.


Recently, Indonesia is also proud of the achievement of several young Papua peoples whom studying overseas. Among them are Mejuwin Me Novenus Omabak (21) comes from Amungme, Mimika regency. He is  still studying at Victorian University, Melbourne, Australia. A son of Yunus Omabak and Josina Natkime has completed his diploma program majoring at human resources and continuing to Strata-1 at the same field.  Heribert Emeyauta, a young man from Kamoro, Mimika is studying at Newscastle University, Australia. He is an employee of the Department of Industrial relations, PTFI.  Jimmy Kum, Dorkas Beanal and  Elfinus Omaleng  are still studying at Charles University, Darwin, Australia  with PTFI scholarship.  PTFI always joins annual Master Fulbright – Freeport program.


During 2006-2007,  PTFI also provided some scholarship to two Papuans, Bertha Yudha Alpini Wanggai and Shofiyah Ika Lestari Monaryanti.  Now Bertha Wanggai, Manukwari origin has completed his strata one in Jogja and now still studying   at the University of Okrom, Ohio, USA,  majoring at human resources, meanwhile Shofiyah Mohnaryanti is still studying  Food Science at Lousiana State University, Lousiana, US.


Congratulation, who are next ? (A10)


Indonesia Bangga dengan Sekolah Para Putra-putri Papua

May 6, 2008

Jayapura, 6 Mei 2008. Indonesia merasa bangga dengan prestasi sejumlah pemuda-pemudi Papua sekolah ke luar negeri. Diantara mereka  antara lain :  

a.           Mejuwin Me Novenus Omabak (21 tahun) adalah putra asli suku Amungme, Kabupaten Mimika. Ia sedang menempuh pendidikan di Universitas Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Putra dari Yunus Omabak dan Josina Natkime telah menyelesaikan program Diploma di bidang sumber daya manusia dan saat ini sedang meneruskan ke jejang Strata-1 di bidang yang sama.

b.           Heribert Emeyauta, pemuda asal Kamoro, Kabupaten Mimika sedang belajar di Universitas Newscastle, Australia. Ia adalah karyawan Departemen Hubungan Industrial, PTFI.

c.           Jimmy Kum, Dorkas Beanal dan Elfinus Omaleng  sedang belajar di Universitas Charles Darwin Australia dengan beasiswa PTFI.  PTFI setiap tahun selalu berpartisipasi dalam Program Master Fulbright – Freeport.

d.          Untuk tahun akademik 2006-2007,  PTFI memberikan bantuan beasiswa kepada dua mahasiswa dari Papua, Bertha Yudha Alpini Wanggai dan Shofiyah Ika Lestari Monaryanti.  Saat ini Bertha Wanggai, asal Manukwari yang menyelesaikan strata satu di Jogja  sedang menyelesaikan pendidikan bidang Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia di University of Okrom, Ohio, USA,  sementara Shofiyah Mohnaryanti sedang belajar Teknologi Pangan di Lousiana State Unversity, Lousiana, USA.

Selamat dan sukses, Indonesia menunggu hasil karya Anda semua. Siapa menyusul. (A10)

The Celebration of May Integration in Papua is Successful

May 5, 2008


Happiness, energetic and enthusiastic are three words that come to mind when describing Papuan community to commemorate the West Papua integration day (NKRI) on May 1, 2008. As we know, they have been two week to prepare and welcome the historical day such as race walking followed by thousands of participants. This year, the commemoration day on May 3 at Mandala square is the first and biggest one because it was usually celebrated modestly. The postponement till two days from the exact date was caused on May 1 is coincided with Labor Day and Ascension of Jesus and on May 2 along with the holiday. The other activities will also adorn this torque are the people’s party at Sentani Lake which performs some regional art and dance, the meditation night at Imbi Garden Jayapura, the student’s visit to the leading figures of Papuan heroes, pilgrimage to heroes cemetery (TMP) at Waena and TMP Marthen Indey at Kertosari and people’s entertainment. The Sentani lake is one of the very monumental lake during May 1, 1963 because Harapan Village in Sentani was a place where Netherlands handed over West Papua to NKRI (President Soekarno).

According to Chairman of Commemoration Committee Dandim 1701/Jayapura Lt Col Kav.A.H Napoelon, the main goal to commemorate the torque on a large scale is to inspire the spirit of nationalism and patriots and to invite all of community’s components to recall again heroic history, and also want Papua to became the hope of the nation in the future. “On May 1 as the date of the West Papuan integration to the NKRI is the pillar of the struggle history of the Indonesian nation to expel colonizers from Indonesia motherland . It means that the sovereignty and unity of the Indonesian nation from Sabang to Merauke were realized,” he said after visiting to Hero Cemetery at Waena on Tuesday, April 29 2008.

As the peak of the celebration is the large scale ceremony (similar with Independence Day celebration of August 17 including waving red white flags) at Mandala square on May 3, 2008. Those activities are followed by all of the community’s component such as polices/armies, Papuan leading figures, public figures, religious figures, young men and women generation, as well as students. Papuan Governor Barnabas Suebu, SH in his opening speech red by his secretary (Sekda) Drs. Tedjo Soeprapto,”The history book of West Papua integration will be used a mandatory local curriculum so it will be taught since Elementary until Senior High School. Interestingly, the personnels who wave a red-white flag uniformize Papuan traditional. Chairman of Young Generation Forum for West Papua Liberation Nico Maury proposes to Centrak Government to determine May, 1 as the integration Day and celebrated in all over Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. The similar statement is also mentioned by an NKRI Papuan leading figure Ramses Ohee. We also agree and support that National Integration Day (Hari Keutuhan Nasional) is a must be commemorated by all Indonesian people from Sabang to Merauke. (Pick and Choose from many sources).



Hari Keutuhan Nasional : Peringatan ke-45 Kembalinya Irian Barat (Papua) ke NKRI.

May 2, 2008

Antusias masyarakat Papua (Papua dan West Papua) untuk memperingati hari kembalinya Irian Barat pada 1 Mei 2008 terlihat sangat besar sekali. Sejak dua pekan lalu  gema kegiatannya sudah terlihat, seperti lomba gerak jalan yang telah diikuti oleh ribuan peserta dari semua kalangan.  Memang peringatan kembalinya Irian Barat (Papua)  kali ini yang akan dilaksanakan pada 3 Mei di Lapangan Mandala adalah yang pertama kalinya diselanggarakan secara besar-besaran.  Penundaan hingga 2 hari dari tanggal yang semestinya dikarenakan pada 1 Mei bertepatan dengan hari buruh dan hari libur kenaikan Isa Almasih dan  pada 2 Mei bersamaan dengan libur cuti.  

Kegiatan lain juga bakal menyemarakkan momen tersebut adalah pesta rakyat di Danau Sentani dengan menampilkan beberapa kesenian dan tarian rakyat,  malam renungan di Taman Imbi Jayapura, anjangsana pelajar ke para tokoh pejuang Papua, ziarah ke TMP di Waena dan TMP Marthen Indey di Kertosari dan juga hiburan rakyat.  Sebagai puncak peringatan adalah upacara secara besar-besaran (seperti peringatan 17 Agustus termasuk pengibaran merah putih) di Lapangan Mandala. Kegiatan tersebut diikuti oleh seluruh komponen masyarakat, baik TNI/Polri, tokoh adat, tokoh masyarakat, tokoh agama, tokoh pemuda, tokoh perempuan serta para pelajar dan Mahasiswa.

Menurut Ketua Panitia Peringatan Kembalinya Irian Barat ke NKRI Tingkat Provinsi Papua Dandim 1701/Jayapura Letkol Kav. A.H Napoelon,  tujuan utama diperingatinya momen itu secara besar-besaran adalah untuk meningkatkan rasa kebangsaan dan cinta tanah air dan mengajak semua komponen masyarakat untuk mengenang kembali peristiwa heroik, dan juga ingin Papua ini menjadi harapan bangsa Indonesia ke depan. “1 Mei sebagai hari kembalinya Irian Barat ke Pangkuan NKRI merupakan tonggak sejarah perjuangan bangsa Indonesia mengusir penjajah dari bumi pertiwi dengan ditandai kembalinya Irian Barat ke NKRI. Ini berarti bahwa kedaulatan dan keutuhan Bangsa Indonesia dari Sabang sampai Merauke telah terwujud,” katanya seusai mengikuti ziarah ke Taman Makam Pahlawan di Waena pada  Selasa 29 April 2008.

Danau Sentani termasuk salah satu wilayah yang sangat monumental saat 1 Mei 1963. Dimana saat Belanda menyerahkan Irian Barat ke NKRI Presiden Soekarno mencanangkan pertama kalinya di Kampung Harapan, Sentani.  Di tengah rangkaian upacara itu, para mantan pejuang akan membacakan ikrar agar 1 Mei dijadikan hari libur nasional yakni sebagai hari keutuhan nasional. Mengapa demikian, sebab saat 17 Agustus 1945 Bangsa Indonesia memproklamirkan sebagai Hari Kemerdekaan, Irian Barat ini masih ditahan dan dijajah Belanda. Selanjutnya pada 1 Mei 1963, Indonesia yang tadinya hanya dari Sabang sampai Maluku, wilayahnya sudah utuh yakni meliputi dari Sabang sampai Merauke dengan ditandai kembalinya Irian Barat (Papua) ke NKRI. Hari Keutuhan Nasional wajib diperingati seluruh Bangsa Indonesia dari sabang sampai Merauke.