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A Hercules Cargo Plane Bursting and Crew Escaping

March 9, 2008

Another plane accident happened after Merpati hit a cow in Merauke and Aviastar hit a farmer at Paniai.  A Hercules cargo plane has burst into flames after touching down in a remote province of Indonesia last Thursday at 09.00 local time .The C-160 (Capten J Jarot H) caught fire while landing at Wamena airport in Papua. All eight of the passengers and crew are reported to have escaped the blaze unharmed.
Plane crash, Papua, Indonesia

Some crew are Capten Pilot Jarot, Co Pilot Sumar Dwiyanto, Flat Enginering; Beni Harahap , Flat Operation Officer (FOO) Suwardi Hidayat, Airphone Mekanik (Amei); Warsito, Mekanik; Kusuma and Firman. Local police chief Marolop Manik said it was not clear what had caused the accident. The flight, operated by PT Manunggal Air, was arriving from the provincial capital of Jayapura to deliver food and diesel oil. The plane landed smoothly but rolled off the runway. A loud explosion was then heard seconds before the plane caught fire.

The three crew and five passengers were able to use the emergency exit to escape the blaze without injury. Papua, one of Indonesia provinces, is dominated by mountains and thick jungle and relies heavily on air traffic for transport in the absence of a substantial road network.

Dealing with this accident, team from Komite Nasional Keselamatan Transportasi (KNKT) has come to the place on Friday at 10.00 local time at Wamena airport and have conducted investigation.  They are Frans Wenas, Tumenggung dan Sulaiman accompanied by Dinas Perhubungan officers Tri Musyogo, Solahudin dan and as well as from Manunggal Air personnel Danur, Ruhiyat dan Sudirman.