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Letter from Wenda

July 4, 2007



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4th July 2007

Dr Raden Mohammad Marty Muliana Natalegawa,


Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia,

38, Grosvenor Square,



Dear Ambassador,

We are here at the Indonesian Embassy in London today to demand the IMMEDIATE & UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE of FILEP KARMA & YUSAK PAKAGE, two of my fellow West Papuans who have been jailed by your country for 15 & 10 years respectively for peacefully raising my country’s flag — the Morning Star – on 1st December 2004.


We West Papuans and our international friends know that what Filep & Yusak did was democratic political campaigning. Your Government – Indonesia – claims to be a “democracy”, but your oppressive laws call flying a flag “Rebellion against the State”! 10 years after the fall of the bloody dictator Suharto, you continue to shut my People in your stinking jails for 15 years — for flying a flag! Can you really be proud of that?


We are also here to demand the release of all other West Papuans imprisoned by Indonesia solely for expressing  their political opinion – namely that our People have the right to choose FREEDOM from Indonesian colonial rule in a free and fair democratic INDEPENDENCE REFERENDUM.


Together with this letter, I am giving you some more postcards signed during our demonstration today demanding Filep & Yusak’s release. You can add these to the thousands of postcards already sent to you from all over the World by ordinary people who deeply care about justice, fairness and democracy in West Papua.


Finally, I also enclose a copy of the leaflet we have been handing out outside your Embassy today. During your speech in Oxford on 16 May 2007, you claimed that you would welcome dialogue with the Free West Papua Campaign. With this in mind, we therefore challenge you to let us know in writing which sections of today’s Free West Papua Campaign leaflet you disagree with – and tell us the Indonesian Government’s version of these sections.


If we don’t hear from you at all, or if you do not comment on any particular sections of our leaflet, we shall assume that you and your Government agree with everything the Free West Papua Campaign is saying about your country’s oppression of my People and my Land – West Papua.


Yours faithfully,



Benny Wenda

West Papuan independence leader in the UK

& Chair of DeMMaK, the Koteka Tribal Assembly.