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We Dont Trust “’s Blog” Anymore

September 11, 2016

Fake images/hoaxes of governor of Papua Luke Enembe sitted side by side with the US President Barrack Obama were posted three days ago in a blog named ““. Important thing to note is that “” could not be trusted as Papua reference blog.  A news article, entitled “Diam-diam Lukas Enembe Bertemu Presiden Obama (AS) dan Presiden Zimbia di Washington” had indeed been removed, likely as an attempt to save the continuance of the blog,  but it is too late,  due to falsehood has already been uncovered.

Therefore, we call untrusted blog, not only “potretanakmelanesia blog”, but also “ website” as well for applauding the news published by “potretanakmelanesia blog” as a nice gag and a nice try.

One website that exposing untruth of “potretanakmelanesia blog” is In its publication, its was said “Beredar Foto Hoax Gubernur Papua dalam Acara KTT Amerika Serikat- Afrika”. also added the picture was originally Armando Guebuza with President Barack Obama (USA) and Guy Scott (Vice President of Zambia) during the first plenary meeting of the US-Africa Leaders Summit at the State Department in August 6, 2014 in Washington D.C.  In this event, Obama hosted the last day of the first summit to strengthen ties between the United States and African nations.

Poor Wenda’s followers

June 20, 2013

What Benny Wenda has been done will be the same as what the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Free Papua Movement Nick Messet’s effort  in the past. Wenda’s effort will fail to acquire the approval or support from international world.  If the international community had previously received,  it would have been got during the Nesset era.  The fact that what had been built by Messet such as the establishment of OPM offices, one  was in Senegal in 1975 and another was in Sweden in 1992 , just made enmity among Papua people.   The reason was the OPM  statement on freedom and liberty was  all fake, so  it would  only make miserable their followers.

That’s way, OPM old generation acknowledged that Benny Wenda’s future followers is lost because it was lulled by gentle persuasion Benny Wenda.  Currently what should be doneby the followers of Benny Wenda are coming back to the correct path that is to accept the Papua special autonomy and participate in the development of Papua under the  Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.  Let’s see until now, international  world will remain and  continue to recognize Papua as a part of Indonesia.

We Miss for Nyili-nyili at Raja Ampat at May 9

June 4, 2013

As a part of Tidore history, on the anniversary of Raja Ampat on May 9, we hope that the Raja Ampat Regency will perform Nyili – nyili. Happy anniversary for the people of Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool Island.

Thank for LPMAK assistance

September 22, 2011

Westpapuapoint has accepted a thank you letter from Timika people, Papua to LPMAK as saying that We, Amungme, Kamoro, Dani, Damal, Nduga and Mee tribes have enjoyed free medical services and a number free  health facilities built and managed by LPMAK and two previous institutions, then we here by thank for the Goverment of RI and primarily to Mr. Hengky Womsiwor as  the Head of Public Health who is also concurrently Acting Chief of  LPMAK Health Bureau. With the establishment of

two hospitals namely Hospital of Partners of Society (RSMM) in Timika and Hospital of Waa-Banti in Tembagapura, we all got free of charge services.

By the help of RSMM run by the Caritas Foundation, around 14 thousand Papuan could be hospitalized  and 200 thousand people could be saved  from 2002 – 2010. Some program we have to thanks are  Malaria Control Program, Maternal and Child Health Program, Outreach in IHC, HIV Control Program as well as Water Supply and Sanitation Program. From 2005 – 2011, clean and water facilities 2005-2011 has been built around 158 units of dug wells, 91  rain water collection unit , and 130 units of family latrines are really help us. Thank once again.

Welcome Mr. President and First Lady Michelle Obama!

November 9, 2010

Your Excellency, Mr President of the United States of America, we are very glad you visit our country, Indonesia.

Your visit to Indonesia this week will encourage us to explore opportunities  that one day the President of the Republic of Indonesia will come from one of Indonesian provinces, in eastern part of Indonesia, as the beautiful fruits of the greatest system of democracy. We are very happy to bound together with the other tribes within the framework of the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (unity in diversity) and we believe Papuan dream come true.

Welcome Home, Mr. Barry! enjoy our bakso, nasi goreng and rambutan.

We want to wish Mr. President great health, happiness and all the best.


The US government supports Papua’s integration into Indonesia

August 30, 2010

On 26 August 2010, located in the living room of the DPRP, First Secretary for Political Affairs of the United States of America Embassy in Jakarta Melanie Higgins has confirmed the US’s commitment to support the Papua’s integration into Indonesia. Papua’s House of Representatives chief John Ibo said the U.S. government’s relief has poured into Indonesia to enhance competency based human resource development particularly in Papua province and she also explained that some students are studying in the US. Papuan people respond positively. Thank you for your support!

The formation of the Pegunungan Tengah Province

February 23, 2010

Wamena – On February 22, 2010, ten regents of Pegunungan Tengah  have a meeting in Gedung Sosial GKI Wamena. One of the agendas was to declare the formation of the Pegunungan Tengah Province. In this opportunity,  Puncak Jaya Regent Lukas Enembe S.Ip was appointed as Chairman of Asosiasi Bupati se PegununganTengah  for the 2010-2012 period.  Other issues discussed were to develop the transportation infrastructure connected Pegunungan Tengah, to increase the development of Wamena Airport, to develop better communication among Papua governor , to settle education problem and  to discuss the HIV issue.

Separatist Free Papua Movement (OPM) terrorized Papuan Farmers.

May 26, 2009

WPP.26 May 2009. According to Muharang, a Tanah Hitam farmer, witnessed that an armed group is terrorizing farmers in the Tanah Hitam hills in Abepura, Papua. A group of men, around 20 people,  armed with arrows and bows came to him while he was picking tomatoes. He ran away but was chased. When his cellphone rang and they left him. Abepura Police chief Adj. Comr. Dominggus Rumaropen said that due to security issues the police have ask local residents to indefinitely stay away from the hills and their farm.

Message to Leave Java Island

February 16, 2009

Two weeks ago, we discussed a message we received from someoneee to leave Java island. We later believed that all Papuan who have been living in Java should not follow the crazy idea. Papuan and Javanese are , we are Indonesian. A Javanese could stay, work and get marriage with Papuan and versi versa. So don’t be afraid with any kind of intimidation.

Terbujuk Janji Palsu Herman Wainggai

December 17, 2008

Seorang lagi yang terbujuk janji palsu Herman Wainggai Siti Wainggai, warga asal Papua, telah tiba kembali ke Indonesia setelah berada di Vanuatu selama hampir tiga tahun. Ia ditelantarkan oleh Herman Wainggai di Vanuatu dan terdampar di sana. Siti Wainggai adalah isteri dari Yunus Wainggai, pria asal Papua yang merupakan bagian dari kelompok pencari suaka ke Australia dan telah terlebih dahulu kembali ke Indonesia bersama putrinya, Anike Wainggai, pada 29 Nopember 2008. Siti Wainggai mengatakan kepulangannya merupakan inisiatif pribadi. Pernyataan tersebut diperkuat oleh suaminya, Yunus Wainggai, melalui surat yang disampaikan kepada Pemerintah Indonesia. Juru Bicara Departemen Luar Negeri Teuku Faizasyah mengemukakan “Pemerintah Indonesia telah menanggapi secara positif permintaan Siti Wainggai untuk berkumpul kembali bersama suami dan putrinya. Pemerintah melalui koordinasi dengan Pemerintah Vanuatu, telah memfasilitasi kepulangan yang bersangkutan ke tanah air,” ujarnya di Jakarta pada 16 Desember 2008. Ditambahkannya bahwa kepulangan Siti Wainggai telah menunjukkan bahwa telah terdapat tipu daya dan janji-janji yang tidak dipenuhi oleh Herman Wainggai dan kelompoknya. Yunus berserta istri dan anaknya adalah bagian dari 43 orang WNI asal Papua yang mencari suaka politik ke Australia. Sebelum keluarga Yunus, juga telah kembali ke Indonesia, Hana Gobay asal Merauke dan Yubel Kareni asal Serui yang didorong oleh rasa kecewa mereka atas janji-janji dan keterangan palsu Herman Wainggai dan kelompoknya kepada mereka.