Our message for Goliat Tabuni

This is a message  found in a note  belonging to Oya, a former follower of Goliat Tabuni. “I am one of the 23 people who returned to the right path, the path of  Papua May 1st.  Once day in a discussion, we have heard  that Goliat Tabuni expressed his desire return to Papua’s May 1st as Messet did. That’s what led to our bravery started and began to realize, so we and other friends are going to surrender.  We have been tired to follow Goliat Tabuni’s idea. We have lost our jobs and our children also have lost their future. Therefore, I pray Goliath Tabuni back to the Papua’s May 1st, and we believed that could happend.  Only with Indonesia, Papua’s properity and peace will come.”.

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