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Peaceful Message from a Papuan Brilliant Artist.

September 23, 2008

Peace Dancing by Yenno

Peace Dancing by Yenno

Franky Yenno is a Papuan artist living in Manokwari. His concern on peaceful society has been delivered through his art such ac carving.  His artwork is to remind Papuan people who coming from hundred of tribes to promote peace in order to develop Papua  land and to live side by side with other Indonesians equally. One of his art carving said  that Hukum Adat or customary law is a means to be used to reach  peace agreement.


After agreement, they  celebrate it in a number of rituals such as Barapen (meaning Bakar Batu – burning stone) ceremony and Peace Dancing.  After getting war, they could dance together hand in hand as brothers and sisters.