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Herman Wainggai

November 2, 2007

HERMAN WAINGGAI illuminated West Papua’s independence claim when he led 43 West Papuans to Australia in a traditional canoe in 2006. While a student at Cendrawasih University, he founded the West Papua National Youth Awareness Team and West Papuan Student Union. On two occasions he has been convicted of subversion, and has been incarcerated for almost three years. He has played a prominent role in educating the leadership of West Papuan institutions to adopt a single strategy for furthering West Papua’s independence claim.

Jacob Rumbiak

November 2, 2007

JACOB RUMBIAK is Foreign Affairs representative of the West Papua National Authority. He was a student, academic, and political prisoner in Indonesia for twenty years before escaping to East Timor and Australia in 1999. His experience of political and social life in Java, as well as his knowledge of the Indonesian military establishment, underpin his analyses and strategies for promoting democracy in Indonesia, as well as justice in West Papua.