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Best Service of Papuan Government towards HIV/AIDS Diseases.

June 5, 2008

Jayapura – As of operated in the last 2005 until the end of April 2008, Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) or Testing Clinic and Voluntary Counseling of HIV at Regional Public Hospital of Abepura has checked blood sample of 1.400 people and has found that 188 are HIV-positive.  As stated by the authoritative party of VCT RSUD Abepura, dr Nyoman Sri Antari at the inauguration of UTD Abepura on last May 27th 2008. 

According to him, this VCT are welcomed by Papuan society. “At this time, people awareness has been improved to check the their own health whether they have HIV positive or not,”. The VCT of Abepura RSUD will assist free for any person to get short consultation and if it appears that they have high risk they will be immediately be tested.

The high number of patients that have been passed away due to their lack knowledge of HIV disease and how to protect themselves. This condition causes the lateness to obtain treatment. Hopefully, this best service of Papuan government to the community is expected to be proactively welcomed by all communities.