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Congratulation Franzalbert Joku.

February 27, 2008

Franzalbert Joku was born at Sentani Kmaung Ifar Besar on  20 February 1953. His father name was Alfius Joku (the late) and his mother names was Theresia Kabey (the late). He got married with Yetty Tukayo  an has five children.  Since 1967, a-17-year old Franzalbert Joku has joined his family to Papua New Guinea (PNG) wit the reason of security situation. He had been staying in PNG from 1975 to 1992 and working as reporter PNG Post Courier for 17 years. Then, Franzalbert Joku changed his career and worked at Prime Minister’s Office as press secretary for 1 year. He promoted to the Head of Staff. In 1997 he was busy because he worked for two Deputies of Prime Ministers as well as worked for three cabinet ministers in PNG.

In 2005-2006 before moving to Papua he got position as Chief-of-Staff in the Head office of Opposition.   In 2006 until now he is active at a Foundation what so called Independent Group Supporting Autonomous Region Of Papua Within Republic Of Indonesia (Ijssartri). Urged by the statement of Governor Papua, Barnabas Suebu. SH on September 2007 when he carried out the working visit to PNG and ask for all Papua resident returned to the Indonesia homeland, he decided to come back to Indonesia. 

 “After observing the real condition in Indonesia and the international political climate, we decided to return home forever. We believe Indonesia will be better, more democratic, free, prosperous and peaceful in the future,” he said. He believe Vice President Jusuf Kalla statement,” Jakarta gets fund from Freeport Rp 17 trillion, meanwhile Jakarta gives back financial support to Papua Rp 29 trillion or double  from that is taken from Papua.” So again it is untrue if Jakarta is only obtained money from Papua,”he added. Congratulation and Welcome back in your motherland Indonesia.