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Democracy in Papua : Wally – Markum have an early lead.

September 6, 2010

An independent institution indicated Thursday, 2 September 2010  that  Yusuf Wally, SE, MM and running mate Muh. Markum, SH have an early lead in the Keerom Regential election  ahead of two pairs of contenders, Drs. Celsius Watae, MH – Marsudi SE,MM and Johanis Tawa, S.Ag – Widodo Budi Priyono, S.Pd.

Wally-Markum have gained 6.439 ballots (Arso and Arso Timur Districts), incumbent Watae-Marsudi secured 5.457 ballots (Skanto, Senggi dan Web Dictricts), while Johanis Tawa – Widodo Budi Priyono won 3.611 ballots. Changes are still possible and we awaits for final vote results.

Keerom communities simultaneously use  their political rights in local elections voting.  Voter turnout in the election was estimated at 38,070, with voters casting polls in seven districts, 61 villages and 111 polling stations. Keerom,  about 80 kilometers from the city of Jayapura, can be reached by using two-and four-wheel vehicles.


Listening the Papua’s Request

June 24, 2009

Vice President Jusuf Kalla visited Jayapura Saturday 20 June 2009 for his presidential campaign.  Listening to Papuan people request,  there are some representatives asking :

a. to maintain special autonomy as stated by   Franklin Wahae, the chief of  DPC Partai Hanura.

b. to elect  a minister from Papua as stated by  Presiden Mahasiswa USTJ, Muhammad Maulana.

JK was accompanied by his wife, NY Mufidah Jusuf Kalla, his son Solihin Kalla, as well as the party’s member such as , Secretary General DPP Golkar Party Soemarsono, Ali Mochtar Ngabalin, and Yuddy Chrisnandi.

Best Service of Papuan Government towards HIV/AIDS Diseases.

June 5, 2008

Jayapura – As of operated in the last 2005 until the end of April 2008, Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) or Testing Clinic and Voluntary Counseling of HIV at Regional Public Hospital of Abepura has checked blood sample of 1.400 people and has found that 188 are HIV-positive.  As stated by the authoritative party of VCT RSUD Abepura, dr Nyoman Sri Antari at the inauguration of UTD Abepura on last May 27th 2008. 

According to him, this VCT are welcomed by Papuan society. “At this time, people awareness has been improved to check the their own health whether they have HIV positive or not,”. The VCT of Abepura RSUD will assist free for any person to get short consultation and if it appears that they have high risk they will be immediately be tested.

The high number of patients that have been passed away due to their lack knowledge of HIV disease and how to protect themselves. This condition causes the lateness to obtain treatment. Hopefully, this best service of Papuan government to the community is expected to be proactively welcomed by all communities.

Papuan Students Enjoy Public Service

April 2, 2008

Central Electronic Data Board (BPDE) of Papua Province provides free internet facilities (Warnet) funded from Otsus. This matter is meant to socialize the development of technology to community in order to help them, especially students in accessing various information. The head of BPDE Thobias Solossa,SH, MM said “BPDE paid around Rp 60 million monthly”. The method is very simple, just come to the BPDE Office and fill up the form and after that will be given password to access the internet. “These free internet facilities is to help the community in accessing requirement information for making good business and other various information,”Thobias said.”

One of Papuan visitors, Mateus K (30) who live at Jayapura is quite sad because many of his colleagues do not yet make use of this facilities. “This information is very important, because if today we go through without knowing the development we could not imagine what will happen then. What me us happy is the internet has made students from Papua and non Papua go together and utilize that free facilities. They are Junior School of SMPN 1 Jayapura, Heskia Kaiba (13) and Targus Patai (13) who are Papua origin and Papuan-born and their close friend non Papua Yudistira Dandan (13). Hoping their harmonious relationship could bring prosperity for all Papuans.


Government Memperhatikan Pelayanan Informasi Penduduk Papua

April 2, 2008

Badan Pengelolaan Data Elektronik (BPDE) Provinsi Papua menyediakan fasilitas warung internet (Warnet) gratis dengan dana dari Otsus. Hal tersebut dimaksudkan untuk mensosialisasikan perkembangan teknologi kepada masyarakat, sekaligus membantu masyarakat, terutama kelompok pelajar dan mahasiswa dalam mengakses berbagai informasi. Kepala Badan Pengelolaan Data Elektronik, Thobias Solossa,SH, MM mengatakan “Untuk seluruh fasilitas internet yang dikelola BPDE, tiap bulannya kami membayar sekitar Rp 60 juta,”katanya. Caranya sederhana, datang saja ke Kantor BPDE dan mengisi formulir untuk menjadi anggota, sesudah itu akan dikasih password untuk mengakses internet. “Fasilitas internet gratis ini untuk membantu masyarakat dalam memenuhi kebutuhan informasi, baik terkait bisnis, usaha kecil dan berbagai informasi lainnya,”papar Thobias.


Dari tahun ke tahun, peminat atau pengunjung Warnet gratis ini mengalami peningkatan yang cukup signifikan, di mana pada 2006 lalu, jumlah pengunjung 2.388 orang dan pada 2007 meningkat menjadi 22.177 pengunjung. Dari 2.388 pengunjung di tahun 2006, 1980 orang diantaranya merupakan pengunjung laki-laki, sedangkan sisanya 408 merupakan pengunjung perempuan. Jumlah pengunjung laki-laki masih mendominasi dengan perbandingan 82,9% dan 17,1%.Kemudian jika dilihat dari sisi orang Papua dan non Papua, pada 2006 jumlah pengunjung orang Papua 781 orang (32,7%) dan non Papua mencapai 1.607 (67,3%). Dari jumlah pengunjung tahun 2006 ini, mayoritas adalah mahasiswa dan pelajar yang mencapai 1.388 orang (58,1%), kemudian swasta 351 orang (14,7%), sisanya pengunjung dari kelompok PNS, TNI/Polri dan kelompok masyarakat lainnya. Selanjutnya untuk 2007, dari jumlah pengunjung 22.177 orang, 18.642 orang (84%) merupakan pengunjung laki-laki, sedangkan pengunjung perempuan hanya 3.535 orang (16%). Kemudian dari sisi orang Papua dan non Papua, jumlah pengunjung orang Papua 5.398 orang (24,4%) dan non Papua 16.764 orang (75,6%). Sedangkan dari kelompok pengunjung itu, juga didominasi kelompok pelajar dan mahasiswa, kemudian swasta, PNS, TNI/Polri dan pengunjung lainnya.

Salah seorang pengunjung orang Papua, Mateus K (30) warga Dok V Jayapura merasa cukup sedih, karena banyak rekan-rekannya yang belum memanfaatkan fasilitas Warnet gratis ini secara baik. “Informasi ini sangat penting, sebab jika hari ini kita lewat, maka kita tidak tahu perkembangan apa yang terjadi. Jika itu terjadi, maka kita termasuk orang yang rugi,” tuturnya. Tampak pula seorang siswa kelas II SMPN 1 Jayapura, Heskia Kaiba (13) dan rekannya Targus Patai (13) menggunakan fasilitas tersebut.
Keduanya datang ke Warnet ini karena diajak Yudistira Dandan (13) (non Papua). Ini merupakan adanya kerukunan yang dapat dijadikan contoh bagi pemuda-pemudi lainnya.