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Understanding Papua 3 (Demographics)

March 21, 2008

While Papua is the largest province in Indonesia, it also has the smallest population. A census survey (SUPAS) in 1995 estimated that Papua had 1,942,627 inhabitants and a population growth rate of 3.03% per year. In 1999 another census was taken and it was estimated that the population had increased to 2,165,300 people.  The large amount of land means that the population density of Papua is only 5 people per kilometer squared. Indigenous Papuans are descended from many different ethnic groups; 250 of those ethnic groups have been identified so far. They live in groups and small units, often isolated and with their own language, culture and traditions. The workforce of Papua in 1999 was 988,588 and 93.58% of those were employed. The Department of Labor recorded 80,481 people seeking work in 1999. (