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Mummi in Papua Province

August 24, 2010

Mummi  not only exists in Egypt, but also in Papua province. Papuan mummi  is made by evaporating its human body fluids so it becomes a dry, hard, and rigid body.  In this process, it  is not required ingredients or preservatives.  Dani tribe’s mummi called “Hun” means spirit, that is believed to protect and bring a blessing for its future generations.Someone can be mummi  if during his/her lifetime was very popular such as a head or warlord. Preservation remains to be done as a tribute to charismatic figure mummi.

Prosess of mummi can only be done by couple (a husband and a wife). Husband’s duty is to complete preservation, starting from preparing wood  until  heating a dead body, while wife’task is to prepare food for his husband.  A man uses sharp wood to puncture dead body until all fluids out of the body.