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Democracy in Papua : Wally – Markum have an early lead.

September 6, 2010

An independent institution indicated Thursday, 2 September 2010  that  Yusuf Wally, SE, MM and running mate Muh. Markum, SH have an early lead in the Keerom Regential election  ahead of two pairs of contenders, Drs. Celsius Watae, MH – Marsudi SE,MM and Johanis Tawa, S.Ag – Widodo Budi Priyono, S.Pd.

Wally-Markum have gained 6.439 ballots (Arso and Arso Timur Districts), incumbent Watae-Marsudi secured 5.457 ballots (Skanto, Senggi dan Web Dictricts), while Johanis Tawa – Widodo Budi Priyono won 3.611 ballots. Changes are still possible and we awaits for final vote results.

Keerom communities simultaneously use  their political rights in local elections voting.  Voter turnout in the election was estimated at 38,070, with voters casting polls in seven districts, 61 villages and 111 polling stations. Keerom,  about 80 kilometers from the city of Jayapura, can be reached by using two-and four-wheel vehicles.

Papua Governor talks with President SBY through Teleconference a Day before Preidential Election

July 8, 2009


Governors across the country declared Tuesday their preparedness for Wednesday’s presidential election, and pledged to uphold the Constitutional Court’s ruling to allow unregistered voters to cast ballots using their ID cards. The governors made the pledge during a video conference with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who is one of the three contenders in the race.

Using a video conference, closeness we can feel between Papua and Jakarta. It remembered us  about  a correct use of an Indonesian proverb which says far from eyes but close to heart. Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu, a governor from the country’s 33 provinces was saying nearly 2.2 million registered voters in the country’s easternmost province were facing ballot shortages. However, he said only Papua’s Yahukimo regency had not received any ballot papers yet due to geographical and weather difficulties. The majority of Indonesia’s governors claimed Tuesday they had all the ballots, security and manpower necessary to run a successful presidential election on Wednesday, though minor incidents in some regions suggested otherwise.

The President told the 33 governors to stay “neutral and professional” in holding the election, and help the General Elections Commission (KPU) implement the new Constitutional Court ruling. The video conference lasted about an hour. A total of 11 governors reported on their latest preparations in their respective provinces ahead of tomorrow’s polls, while others listened.

Papuan’ Permanent Voter List (DPT) is Increasing 5,5 %

July 7, 2009


The majority people of Papua Province is ready for tomorrow’s Presidential election from 08.00 – 13.00 WIT. There are 2.188.082 people on the Permanent Voter List (DPT) from 27 Regencies/Cities with 341 PPD (Provincial Election Committee), 3.397 PPS (voting committee) dan 6.267 TPS (polling station). Comparing with legislative election, the total of TPS is decreasing 300, but DPT is increasing 5,5%.

Chief of the KPU (General Elections Commission – Papua Province) Benny Swenny S.Sos, stated that Election in Papua is ready even until H-2 (two days before election day) logistic has been distributed for 84,5 %. The rest is in Yakuhimo which has 51 district (16 district has been done). Hopefully, they will be finished to distribute today. Otherwise, some district could not conduct on July 8, 2009.

Papua will be Ready for General Election

February 25, 2009

Mamberamo Central Regency in the Papua Province has made the election drill to prepare for the elections for legislative bodies at the national and regional levels just 44 days left the election day.  The legislative bodies include the House of Representatives (DPR) and the Regional Representative Council (DPD) at the national level, and regional legislative councils at the provincial, mayoralty and municipality levels. The drill  is cumducted at Sinapuk Public Square, on Tuesday 24 Februari 2009.  Be present in this simulation are  the Regent of Central Mamberamo David Pagawak, S.Sos, the chairman of KPUD Jayawijaya, Yosephine F Hubi,  Central Mamberamo officials,  political parties leaders and  other community elements.  The rehearsal went smoothly with villagers and local officials participating in the event.

Such kind of drill has been practiced last year, in particular by residents in Keerom regency, Papua, which took place in Workwana villlage.  Keerom was one of three places holding a simulation, together with Aceh and East Java. Keerom regent Celcius Watae stated that Keerom  was selected because of its pluralism and it is an area which could represent urban and rural communities.  Keerom is home to 29,600 eligible voters and 105 polling stations in six districts.

In general,  Papuan people expressed their full support for the simulation and public awareness campaign.