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Australia Supports the Territory Integrity of the Republic Indonesia

March 14, 2008

PT. Australia Air Force remains support the territorial integrity of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). As we know, the Australian Government intends to intensify cooperation with the Indonesian Air Force, especially for supervision of borders between the two countries, student exchange program, humanitarian aid, and so on.
As neighboring countries, both Indonesia and Australia respect each other in particular for sea territorial.  
“Until now the Australian government supports Autonomy Khusus Papua to build remote areas development,” stated by Air Force Defense Attaché from Australian Embassy Papua during two days visit on 12-13 March 2008.  The visiting group contained of Colonel Ray Press, Nicky Broomhail Flight Sergeant, Vred Daugen, and Grey Straben see Air Force bases (Markas Lanud) in Timika, Biak, Jayapura,. “Our visit is to intensify the relationship between the Indonesian Air Force and Australian Air Force”, said Colonel Press in Timika yesterday (12/3). “The system of Indonesia government to build Papua is excellent. We see that Indonesia successes to implement Autonomy Khusus and situation in Papua more conducive for foreign investors,” he added. “Indonesia- Australia have annual air exercises program; Elang Rajawali and Hercules. Last year we practiced in Australia and this year in Indonesia,” he said.
Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Bambang Triono, the Indonesian Commander of the Timika Military Air Base, said the visit was aimed at getting to know all airs bases in Indonesia, especially in Papua. Lt Col Bambang also mentioned about Australian’s intention to intensify cooperation, particularly as regards maritime borders between the two countries.  “Supervision has been stretched, especially in terms of illegal logging and illegal fishing”, he said.