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Herman Wainggai is a Dictator ?

September 26, 2008


Herman Wanggai (ABCTV doc)

Herman Wanggai (ABCTV doc)

In a SIMPA letter entitled “Two Indonesian citizens returned to Indonesia!” dated September 23 2008 20:02:10 -0700, Herman threatened the safety both of them and stated that both people are the enemy of free Papua movement. He added, “Congratulation on Your Betrayal”.


In this case, the government of the Republic of Indonesia and Australia should protect the safety of both people. Anybody has right to choose their life. Based on Papuan perception, both Gobay and Yubel inspire everyone with confidence.   


Scholarship are given to Sons and Daughters of Former OPM Leaders

September 25, 2008

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia through Depdiknas and Depag RI has given  the scholarship to the sons and daughters of  former leading figures of the National Liberation Army Free Papua Organization (OPM) lived in PNG through the program of repatriation.

Depdiknas Logo

Depdiknas Logo

In September 2008,  Depdiknas gives  the scholarship to 11 people spreading in various Universities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Malang, Jogjakarta and Surakarta .



Whereas, Depag has given 4 scholarships to study at State Islamic University of  Jogjakarta

Refugees are Cheated by Herman Wainggai

September 25, 2008

Hana Gobay

Hana Gobay (Cen. Post Doc)


The issue on refugees who fled to Australia to go back to Indonesia has arisen not long after a group of 43 Papuans arrived at Cape Town on January 13, 2006.  It is known that Herman Wainggai, group’s leader, has ever denied claim that they want to return. “They want to go back is simply wrong,” Herman said.  In fact, they really want to go back to Indonesia. Let us see what Hana Gobey and Yubel Kareni did.


Hana Gobey who claimed to pay Rp. 7 Million to Herman Wanggai got a rumors were circulated by Herman that they would be jailed and killed once they arrived in Indonesia.  However, both guys believed the rumors are untrue.   With any efforts, Hana Gobey from Merauke and Yubel Kareni from Serui gained access to Indonesia Consulate General in Melbourne. Their willing to go home was expressed to Jahar Gultom, the consul for economic affairs.


Then, with the help of Australian and Indonesia government, both arrive at Mopah Airport in Merauke on a flight from Bali. “The promises Herman W.  made to us will never come true,” said Hana at Frans Kaisepo, Biak on 24 September 2008. Hana was greeted with tears and hugs by her mother Bastina Gobay. “God has answered prayers and now we are reunited after three years apart, ” a tearful Bastina said. Meanwhile, Yubel Kareni said,” I thank the Indonesia Government who had helped me to return home.    

Perjuangan Merah Putih Monument

September 23, 2008

Tubir Seram island

Tubir Seram island

Perjuangan Merah Putih Monument is  erected at Tubir Seram island. Tubir Seram island is well known as an amazing and beautiful natural scenery. Located in front of Fak-Fak town, this island is popular with a garden full of many colorful flowers and many types of plants.  Another place that can be visited is  a mini museum  which built to save artifact of historical values. To get there, it takes only five minutes from Fak-Fak town by boat.

Jangan Ganggu Kami

September 23, 2008

Jangan tembaki kami

Jangan buru kami

Jangan tangkap kami


Biarkan Bulu Indah warna-warni

Menghiasi Bumi Pertiwi

Banggalah dengan Kehadiran Kami si Burung Surga ini

Berhias Kuning, Hijau, dan Coklat

Menyelimuti Diri

Demikian juga dengan Dara Mahkota

Atau Mambruk kata Mereka

Berhias Biru, Putih dan Abu-abu

Bermahkota Setiap hari

Ingin Hidup Ribuan Tahun lagi


Jangan hanya puas tonton kami di Kebun Binatang

Selamatkan pula Kami di Papua tempat kami berasal

Jikalau engkau membunuhku

Tentu Anak-anakmu tak akan melihatku Lagi

Selain hanya di Kertas dan Movie


Kamipun ingin hidup seperti dirimu

Terbang Bebas di Alam Hijau Indonesia Ini


Cegahlah kami dari Kepunahan

Lindungi Kami dari Kejahatan

Biarkan Anak-cucumu Senantiasa Bersama Kita

Turut Amankan Kami dari Gangguan


Hingga Terus Terbang Bebas Menghiasi Langit

Menikmati Keindahan Alam Indonesia Kita

Sepanjang Masa

Peaceful Message from a Papuan Brilliant Artist.

September 23, 2008

Peace Dancing by Yenno

Peace Dancing by Yenno

Franky Yenno is a Papuan artist living in Manokwari. His concern on peaceful society has been delivered through his art such ac carving.  His artwork is to remind Papuan people who coming from hundred of tribes to promote peace in order to develop Papua  land and to live side by side with other Indonesians equally. One of his art carving said  that Hukum Adat or customary law is a means to be used to reach  peace agreement.


After agreement, they  celebrate it in a number of rituals such as Barapen (meaning Bakar Batu – burning stone) ceremony and Peace Dancing.  After getting war, they could dance together hand in hand as brothers and sisters.



Five Australians in Papua

September 19, 2008


According to Defense Minster Juwono Sudarsono after a meeting with his Australian counterpart Joel Fitzgibbon. “Our finding from the event of the Australians who flew from Queensland to Papua is that five Australians are not a threat or anything like that. “It was only a number of people looking for an opportunity to open up tourism,” he added.