Three TPN/OPMs surrendered

Three members of TPN/OPMs who involved in the attack and the occupation of the Kapeso airfield, Memberamo Raya, on April 15 2009 as well as ambushed police convoy on July 2 2009 in Angkaisera under the command of Decky Embiri have surrendered to Mapolres (Head of Police Regency Level) Yapen in Serui, on Tuesday at dawn on 7 July 2009. They are Yeret Runaweri (59) from Wansama (the chef of OPM), Yusuf Aninam (26) Kanui (sagu) and one person has not yet known his complete name. Acting Chief of Public Relation of Papua Regional Police, AKBP Nurhabri stated that they are welcomed and received positively.

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    David Neilson Says:

    I lived in Jayapura 1992-2000. This website is excellent. I live in Armidale, in northern NSW now. If you want some help that can be done from a computer, than I am willing to membantu.

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