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The successor of the late Kelly Kwalik is a criminal ?

February 11, 2010

Almost two months Jeek Milian Kemong has succeeded the late Kelly Kwalik, but his leadership has not been accepted by its members.  Therefore, the leader of the OPM and Deputy Chairman of West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL), Dr Otto Ondowame many times call upon all para military forces to accept the decision and give full support to the new Commander.    Some who rejected his leadership due to his involvement in the attack and destruction of the Freeport copper pipe, which caused the company losses of millions of dollars in 1977.  This group believe that he will face criminal charges without a doubt and become obstacle of struggle.

Kemong grew up with the late Kelly Kwalik and Dr Otto Ondowame and went to the same primary school in Amungun, sub-district of Akimuga in the 1980s and attended the Catholic seminary in Abepura from 1968 to 1971.

TPN/OPM should Stop Their Actions

June 29, 2009

Recently, the implementation of the development in Puncak Jaya regency is still constrained with TPN/OPM maneuver as stated by Bupati Puncak Jaya , Lukas Enembe, Sip in some occasion. On April,  in Supiori Regency, TPN/OPM was also robbed a speed boat belonging to the Health Service Department of Supiori Regency which used to serve community in the territory of North Supiori Utara.  The perpetrators, Kabor Awom and Anton Kafiar, also seized  weapon from a member of District Police Supiori Bripda John Krey.

International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP) : Uncover Vanuatu Link

October 31, 2008

Kalosil Hanya Popularitas

Kalosil Hanya Popularitas


One of overseas leading figures who attended International Parliamentary for West Papua (IPWP) in London was Moana Carcasses Kalosil. Who is he ?  He served as foreign minister (bertugas sebagai menteri luar negeri) under Prime Minister Edward Natapei (PM Edward) from 2003  to 2004. Following parliamentary elections, he became minister of finance on July 28, 2004 under Prime Minister Serge Vohor. He kept the post of finance minister when  Ham Lini became prime minister later in 2004.  But,  on November 14, 2005 he was sacked by Ham Lini for unclear reasons, which he led into the oposition. (Diberhentikan dari jabatannya)

From his CV we know that he does’t have any job (pengangguran) in the government except as the deputy leader of the oposition (wakil kepala oposisi).  It means that he, a member of the Vanuatu Green Party,  doesn’t represent Vanuatu government (tidak mewakili pemerintah Vanuatu).  As a young Papuan student Yohanes said,  “What he did in London was the same with two UK parliament members were doing  that is “to get popularity” (hanya mencari popularitas).  

Free West Papua Movement (OPM)

January 24, 2008

The separatist of Free Papuan Movement (OPM) is overseen by the OPM Revolutionary Council based in Madang, Papua New Guinea. Headed by its Chairman Moses Werror, the OPMRC aims to obtain international recognition for West Papuan independence through international forums such as the United Nations, The Non Alligned Movement of Nations, The South Pacific Forum, and The Association of South East Asian Nations.  The OPM has started its first problem for Papuan people in 1964.  Moses Werror, on August 1971, under cover of darkness, together with family crossed by boat into Papua New Guinea arriving at Vanimo. He eventually moved to Madang.OPM has set up a series of 7 successive stages, each lasting 5 years since then, such as follow : 1964 – 1969  (Preparation  for the Act of Free Choice 1969), 1970 – 1975 (Restructuring of the OPM organisation), 1976 – 1981 (Redeployment of resources following PNG independence), 1982 – 1987 (OPMRC established with Chairmanship), 1988 – 1993  (International diplomacy campaign), 1994 – 1999  (Recovery of the lost nation of West Papua/Irian), 2000 – 2005  (Re-build the new nation of West Papua within Melanesian perimeters). But what he claim that 2005 they will have established a new state failed because Papuan people  have realized that they have got freedom in 1945 together with his brothers fromm other provinces in Indonesia.