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The Celebration of May Integration in Papua is Successful

May 5, 2008


Happiness, energetic and enthusiastic are three words that come to mind when describing Papuan community to commemorate the West Papua integration day (NKRI) on May 1, 2008. As we know, they have been two week to prepare and welcome the historical day such as race walking followed by thousands of participants. This year, the commemoration day on May 3 at Mandala square is the first and biggest one because it was usually celebrated modestly. The postponement till two days from the exact date was caused on May 1 is coincided with Labor Day and Ascension of Jesus and on May 2 along with the holiday. The other activities will also adorn this torque are the people’s party at Sentani Lake which performs some regional art and dance, the meditation night at Imbi Garden Jayapura, the student’s visit to the leading figures of Papuan heroes, pilgrimage to heroes cemetery (TMP) at Waena and TMP Marthen Indey at Kertosari and people’s entertainment. The Sentani lake is one of the very monumental lake during May 1, 1963 because Harapan Village in Sentani was a place where Netherlands handed over West Papua to NKRI (President Soekarno).

According to Chairman of Commemoration Committee Dandim 1701/Jayapura Lt Col Kav.A.H Napoelon, the main goal to commemorate the torque on a large scale is to inspire the spirit of nationalism and patriots and to invite all of community’s components to recall again heroic history, and also want Papua to became the hope of the nation in the future. “On May 1 as the date of the West Papuan integration to the NKRI is the pillar of the struggle history of the Indonesian nation to expel colonizers from Indonesia motherland . It means that the sovereignty and unity of the Indonesian nation from Sabang to Merauke were realized,” he said after visiting to Hero Cemetery at Waena on Tuesday, April 29 2008.

As the peak of the celebration is the large scale ceremony (similar with Independence Day celebration of August 17 including waving red white flags) at Mandala square on May 3, 2008. Those activities are followed by all of the community’s component such as polices/armies, Papuan leading figures, public figures, religious figures, young men and women generation, as well as students. Papuan Governor Barnabas Suebu, SH in his opening speech red by his secretary (Sekda) Drs. Tedjo Soeprapto,”The history book of West Papua integration will be used a mandatory local curriculum so it will be taught since Elementary until Senior High School. Interestingly, the personnels who wave a red-white flag uniformize Papuan traditional. Chairman of Young Generation Forum for West Papua Liberation Nico Maury proposes to Centrak Government to determine May, 1 as the integration Day and celebrated in all over Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. The similar statement is also mentioned by an NKRI Papuan leading figure Ramses Ohee. We also agree and support that National Integration Day (Hari Keutuhan Nasional) is a must be commemorated by all Indonesian people from Sabang to Merauke. (Pick and Choose from many sources).