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Genyem calls you guys to work at our farm

February 9, 2010

Jayapura is the widest area for plating cocoa in Papua.  This regency has 6,177 Ha followed by Kaerom 5,058 Ha, Nabire 2,937 ha. However, due to shortages and the political situation, cocoa production in Jayapura decline so drastically.  Another cause is many young men have left the village and work in the city to build infrastructure and the political situation.

We are Papuan hoping that you, guys, please poor our girls working alone. Accompany them and come back to farm and restore the glory Genyem Cacao plantations.

Jayapura Airbase to be Promoted to B-type

April 16, 2009

Jayapura (ANTARA News) – While Papua and West Papua cover more than 400,000 square meters, which is nearly 22 percent of the Indonesian territory, Jayapura bordering Papua New Guinea had placed the Jayapura airbase in a position with a heavy air defense task. In view of this heavy and difficult task, the Jayapura airbase currently enjoying the status of a C-type base, will have its status promoted to a B-type base. “The change in status will be realized soon, after the necessary formalities had been completed,” Jayapura airbase commander Flight Col Suwandi Miharja said here after leading the Air Force 63rd anniversary commemoration here Wednesday. Thus there would be many changes at the Jayapura airbase, including the number of personnel, armaments, facilites and infrastructure supporting operations, as well a hospital.”The expansion of the number of aircraft at the Jayapura airbase depends on the state`s financial capacity. But at least it would become an essential force,” Suwandi said. Right now the Jayapura airbase is under the IVth Sector Command in Biak. Under the national air defense system, this sector is directly linked to the Sector Commander and directly under the National Air Defense Commander and the Military (TNI Chief. In Papua, the Jayapura airbase is an Air Task Force under the umbrella of the military operations command in Papua, where the Papua Operations Commander is the Chief of the XVIIth (Cenderawasih) Military Command himself. Suwandi said now the Jayapura airbase has a helicopter, a Cassa plane whose operations are integrated with both the airforce, army and navy.In the meantime, to strengthen the air defense in Papua, the Jayapura airbase has established cooperation with the Sentani airbase for the operation of civil radar which would cover the RI-PNG border region. This radar will be integrated with other radars in Biak and in other areas currently being developed, such as Merauke and Timika. Under this operational system, it is expected that defense and security in Indonesia`s air space would be stonger and massive. Happy Aniversary.

Happy 99th Anniversary of Jayapura

March 6, 2009

Happy Annyversary

On March 7, 2009 Jayapura City will celebrate its  99th  anniversary.  In relation to this matter,  Ketentraman dan Ketertiban (Trantib) of Jayapura City carries out the control beginning with monitoring towards the cleanliness of the good environment such as housing and  office complex including prohibiting resident to stake out laundry on the clotheslines at the edge of the road.  Head if Trantib Section, Drs Otniel Meraudje, MM asks resident to pay attention to the problem of the cleanliness of the environment,  such as painting the fence, cleaning the water channel and their residence environment.

Happy Anniversary.