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Refugees are Cheated by Herman Wainggai

September 25, 2008

Hana Gobay

Hana Gobay (Cen. Post Doc)


The issue on refugees who fled to Australia to go back to Indonesia has arisen not long after a group of 43 Papuans arrived at Cape Town on January 13, 2006.  It is known that Herman Wainggai, group’s leader, has ever denied claim that they want to return. “They want to go back is simply wrong,” Herman said.  In fact, they really want to go back to Indonesia. Let us see what Hana Gobey and Yubel Kareni did.


Hana Gobey who claimed to pay Rp. 7 Million to Herman Wanggai got a rumors were circulated by Herman that they would be jailed and killed once they arrived in Indonesia.  However, both guys believed the rumors are untrue.   With any efforts, Hana Gobey from Merauke and Yubel Kareni from Serui gained access to Indonesia Consulate General in Melbourne. Their willing to go home was expressed to Jahar Gultom, the consul for economic affairs.


Then, with the help of Australian and Indonesia government, both arrive at Mopah Airport in Merauke on a flight from Bali. “The promises Herman W.  made to us will never come true,” said Hana at Frans Kaisepo, Biak on 24 September 2008. Hana was greeted with tears and hugs by her mother Bastina Gobay. “God has answered prayers and now we are reunited after three years apart, ” a tearful Bastina said. Meanwhile, Yubel Kareni said,” I thank the Indonesia Government who had helped me to return home.