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Today is Papua Holiday

February 5, 2009


Today is Thursday, 5 February 2009. Papua is publishing an official holiday for commemorating the 154th Bible Service (Pengkabaran Injil ).  Some agendas that happened are at least the inauguration of  a Nabire Regent and discussion of a book entitle  Fajar Merebak di Tanah Papua written by  Pdt Reiner  Schuimaan.  The number 154 is counted from the beginning of Bible entering at Mansinam Island.  Mansinam island of 410,97 ha which located at Doreri Bay  is an interesting tourism destination.  Last year, we crossed it by using a traditional long boat with a price of  3.000 Rupiahs for  10 -15 minutes.  Not only we visited Gua Kelelawar but also some historical places that on February 5, 1855 tho Germany, Carel William Otto and Johan Gotlob, put their steps. Happy Holiday.