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An Integrated and Independent City will built soon in Merauke

April 23, 2008

Merauke – In the next few months, Papuan Government will build an integrated city in Papua located at Salor District Alim Anim Merauke. Its goal is to open the isolation and to give access for its surrounding area. The region for the city development of covers 35.235 ha and will be begun in 2009. The area is a transmigration location which meets requirement for building an integrated city. One of Papuan guy said,” this is a great project that we all should support”.

The plan is revealed at the meeting during the visit of Secretary for Director General of P4 Trans, Department of Settlement and Transmigration, Nirwanto, accompanied by his 3 directors of P4 Trans to Merauke, on April 22 2008. As it is known that minimum requirement to build a such kind city is an area of 130 ha. The occupants will be all available community in this area such as old transmigration settlements, local inhabitants and new settlements.

This plan is the result of cooperation between the central and local government as well as private sector and enterprises. Its budget is taken 30% from the state budget (APBN), 30% from regency/province budget (APBD) and 40% from other fund such as private sector,” Nirwanto added. Meanwhile, Merauke Regent Drs Johanes Gluba Gebze hopes that the development of area will be able to open access for surrounding areas in the vicinity. “This project is not only to follow up of positive impact of transmigration in Merauke but also to challenge the opinions that the transmigration is not siding to local people,” he said. (Ar10)