Encouraging Yacob Rumbiak (Australia), Herman Wanggai, Otto Ondowame (Swedia) to follow Jouwes’ Step

We should remember the statement of B.J.K. Cramer Rotterdam, the Netherlands that Jouwe in the Netherlands has taken the courageous step, following the earlier lead of the RMS movement in exile that made a similar step, by declaring that the war for secession was over and that instead any differences should be settled by peaceful means.

Jouwe and Joku are smart leaders who realize their mistakes in the past. Later, they realize that Papuan should be active and become leaders in Indonesia not only in Papua. Papua is one of  Indonesia provinces.  Therefore, whoever Papuan leaders stay overseas are eccouraging to follow Jouwe step. We are Papuan looking forward to see you in Papua sooner or later.


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