Papua will be Ready for General Election

Mamberamo Central Regency in the Papua Province has made the election drill to prepare for the elections for legislative bodies at the national and regional levels just 44 days left the election day.  The legislative bodies include the House of Representatives (DPR) and the Regional Representative Council (DPD) at the national level, and regional legislative councils at the provincial, mayoralty and municipality levels. The drill  is cumducted at Sinapuk Public Square, on Tuesday 24 Februari 2009.  Be present in this simulation are  the Regent of Central Mamberamo David Pagawak, S.Sos, the chairman of KPUD Jayawijaya, Yosephine F Hubi,  Central Mamberamo officials,  political parties leaders and  other community elements.  The rehearsal went smoothly with villagers and local officials participating in the event.

Such kind of drill has been practiced last year, in particular by residents in Keerom regency, Papua, which took place in Workwana villlage.  Keerom was one of three places holding a simulation, together with Aceh and East Java. Keerom regent Celcius Watae stated that Keerom  was selected because of its pluralism and it is an area which could represent urban and rural communities.  Keerom is home to 29,600 eligible voters and 105 polling stations in six districts.

In general,  Papuan people expressed their full support for the simulation and public awareness campaign.

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