Visit Indonesia Year 2008, Celebrating 100 Years of National’s Awakening

Papua and West Papua province may have the richest wildlife and concentration of plant life in all of Indonesia, or perhaps the world. No other islands in the archipelago can match its various kind of Birds of Paradise, Parrot families, pigeons and Flightless Cassowary.
We are also home of 150 species of lizards, 30,000 species of beetles, 200 frogs and 800 spiders. A high percentage of the island’s 100 snake species are poisonous, including all 17 species of sea snakes.

We altogether have some 2,700 species of orchids found in Papua Province, 600 species that are medicinal importance and over 124 endemic genera. The lush vegetation of the province is in fact a deceptive cover over poor soils badly leached by heavy rain and containing no rich volcanic materials. Mangroves and Nipah Palms ensnare the brackish estuaries of the coast.
Everything is cheap in Jayapura. A taxi costs between Rp 20,000 to Rp 30,000 (K6-K9) per hour to hire. A local bus fare is only RP600 (K0.20t). A cheap hotel room is Rp 80,000 (K25) per night and a room in the best luxury hotel is only Rp 320,000 (K100). Shopping for manufactured goods and handicrafts is very cheap. Market vegetables and fruits are fresh and cheap. Food from roadside stalls is clean and cheap.

Therefore, don’t forget to visit Papua.


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