Indonesia is proud of Papuan Sons and Daughters

Jayapura. We noted that a lot of Papuans have got achievements in national level. Freddy Numberi, for instance,  took military’s top job had promoted to be Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. Papuan-born George Saa won International Olympic in Science and  Nobo enjoyed the best four of Indonesian Idol and Persipura Jayapura won the Indonesian Football League in 2007.


Recently, Indonesia is also proud of the achievement of several young Papua peoples whom studying overseas. Among them are Mejuwin Me Novenus Omabak (21) comes from Amungme, Mimika regency. He is  still studying at Victorian University, Melbourne, Australia. A son of Yunus Omabak and Josina Natkime has completed his diploma program majoring at human resources and continuing to Strata-1 at the same field.  Heribert Emeyauta, a young man from Kamoro, Mimika is studying at Newscastle University, Australia. He is an employee of the Department of Industrial relations, PTFI.  Jimmy Kum, Dorkas Beanal and  Elfinus Omaleng  are still studying at Charles University, Darwin, Australia  with PTFI scholarship.  PTFI always joins annual Master Fulbright – Freeport program.


During 2006-2007,  PTFI also provided some scholarship to two Papuans, Bertha Yudha Alpini Wanggai and Shofiyah Ika Lestari Monaryanti.  Now Bertha Wanggai, Manukwari origin has completed his strata one in Jogja and now still studying   at the University of Okrom, Ohio, USA,  majoring at human resources, meanwhile Shofiyah Mohnaryanti is still studying  Food Science at Lousiana State University, Lousiana, US.


Congratulation, who are next ? (A10)



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    Little correction,
    the University of Okrom, Ohio, USA should be University of Akron.

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