Government Papua Province Continuing to Build Solar Power Energy in Papua

Government Papua Province never stop building Papua.  Last week on 9 April 2008, the Head of Mining and Energy Service Toto Purwanto stated that the Government Papua Province (Pemprov) has used “Special Autonomy Fund” (Dana Otsus) from 2008 onwards for building Solar Power Energy (PLTS) in two regencies.  in Yapen Regency it has built 98 units and in Supiori regency 220 units.  Last year, Papua Pemprov has also built 50 units of PLTS spreading in Tolikara, Boven Digoel and Pegunungan Bintang.


For the last project, he added that the tender-development process of those PLTS has been undergoing some time ago and recently it has entered phase of work contract.  “The Development of this PLTS can be realized soon,”  he added.


Besides, the development of the third turbin of Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH) in Mulia Puncak Jaya planed to operate this month.  Now, its machine is on the way.  As noted that Turbine 1 and 2 have started operating. The Mining and Energy Service of Papua Province in 2007 has also been programming 8 PLTMHs in some regencies suc as in Wamena (2), in Paniai (1), Puncak Jaya (1), Yahukimo (1), Yapen (1) and Jayapura (2).  All of those projects have been completed and has been operating except in Puncak Jaya which just operating 2 from 3 total turbines.



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