Understanding Papua 5 (Society and Culture)

As a result of Papua’s varied topography there are hundreds of ethnic groups all with different cultures and traditions. In reference to its varied topography and different cultures, Papuan people can be broadly divided into three major groups:
• Coastal and island inhabitants who have usually have houses on stilts and earn their livelihoods from sago and catching fish.
• Land inhabitants who live by rivers, swamps, lakes and at the bases of mountains and usually making their living by catching fish and hunting and gathering in the forests.
• Highland inhabitants who farm and breed animals in order to earn an income.
Generally, the Papuan people live in a kinship system that follows a patrilineal line.
There are hundreds of regional languages which have developed in Papua; this diversity in language results in difficulties in communication between different ethnic groups. As a result of this, Indonesian is generally used in Papua, even in the remote areas.


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