Don’t Miss Lake Sentani Festival 2008

The Papua Tourism Office (PTO) is going to hold the Lake Sentani Festival on July 16-19 to support the annual Lembah Baliem Festival in Jayawijaya District in August, 2008. 

Lake Sentani


“The Lake Sentani Festival will be held as an effort to protect the culture of the Jayapura District, mainly in the Sentani Lake area,” Head of the PTO Elly Weror said in a statement on 2 February 2008. It means there will be two festivals which not only design to ease tourists wishing to enjoy the festivities but also intended to prolong their stays in the province. Previously, there were only three big cultural festivals, namely the cultural festival of Lembah Baliem, that of Asmat and that of Kamoro. PTO was likewise trying to realize the Cendrawasih Bay Festival.Besides holding the cultural events, the province has been reorganizing the tourist sites in the area, including the Holtekam Beach located some 60 kms from Jayapura.



  1. 1
    Kang Says:

    Pastinya dibulan juni atau juli?

  2. 2
    FDS Says:

    Tahun 2009 FESTIVAL DANAU SENTANI akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 19-23 June 2009, kami mengundang anda semua untuk dapat menyaksikan pesta budaya tersebut di Pantai Kalkote – Sentani Timur – Sentani – kabupaten Jayapura – Papua

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