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Pancasila, NKRI and Merah Putih are Final

January 31, 2008

 Merah Putih

Merauke,WPP. Chairman of the Papuan Regional Board of the Communication Forum of the Sons and Daughters of Retired Military (FKPPI)  Yan L. Ayomi, S.Sos at the inauguration of Managing Board (Merauke Regency) for the 2008 – 2013 period on 26 January 2008 said Pancasila, NKRI and Merah Putih are the bottom line for the Republic of Indonesia. We should develop Wawasan nusantara “national outlook”  thinking regardless of ethnicity, race and religion in order to keep unity and harmony. Meanwhile, Vice Merauke regent, Mr. Waryoto invites FKPPI to hand in hand with local government and other components to build a better Merauke.  Unity should go together with the sense of loving to the country. “This is important to promote and make our country big and recognized,” he said.