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Free West Papua Movement (OPM)

January 24, 2008

The separatist of Free Papuan Movement (OPM) is overseen by the OPM Revolutionary Council based in Madang, Papua New Guinea. Headed by its Chairman Moses Werror, the OPMRC aims to obtain international recognition for West Papuan independence through international forums such as the United Nations, The Non Alligned Movement of Nations, The South Pacific Forum, and The Association of South East Asian Nations.  The OPM has started its first problem for Papuan people in 1964.  Moses Werror, on August 1971, under cover of darkness, together with family crossed by boat into Papua New Guinea arriving at Vanimo. He eventually moved to Madang.OPM has set up a series of 7 successive stages, each lasting 5 years since then, such as follow : 1964 – 1969  (Preparation  for the Act of Free Choice 1969), 1970 – 1975 (Restructuring of the OPM organisation), 1976 – 1981 (Redeployment of resources following PNG independence), 1982 – 1987 (OPMRC established with Chairmanship), 1988 – 1993  (International diplomacy campaign), 1994 – 1999  (Recovery of the lost nation of West Papua/Irian), 2000 – 2005  (Re-build the new nation of West Papua within Melanesian perimeters). But what he claim that 2005 they will have established a new state failed because Papuan people  have realized that they have got freedom in 1945 together with his brothers fromm other provinces in Indonesia.