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John Rumbiak

January 2, 2006


John Rumbiak was born in Biak, Irian Jaya, in 1962, and studied English at Cenderawasih University in Abepura in 1982, Papua New Guinea and worked as a coordinator and field researcher at the Rural Community Development Foundation (YPMD) in Abepura . Joining the Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy now known as Elsham,  and later on he become supervisor. ELSHAM campaigns for human rights and against militarism in West Papua Elsham based in Jayapura is known as the leading West Papuan human rights Non-governmental organization. He also facilitated his role as Elsham’s chairman of International Affairs travelling widely attending many international conferences informing the international community about West Papua. In February 2005, he suffered a stroke in New York, he is also fearful of returning to West Papua after a series of death threats in 2003.John Rumbiak should not be confused with another West Papuan activist, Jacob Rumbiak